Between heaven and hell

I split my time between Sri Lanka and the UK. Combining the best of both would be close to paradise. Combining the worst would approximate to hell.

Paradise would be a place where you could eat mangosteens and blackcurrants; pol sambol and pies. A place where people were both friendly and truthful; helpful and efficient. A place with plenty of sunshine and four seasons. A place where train travel was cheap and actually worked. And so on.

Hell would be a place with freezing temperatures and intermittent power supplies. A place where you hung on for hours trying to get to speak to a person in customer service only to find that you needed to bribe them to get anything done.  A place where gardeners had to do battle with leeches and slugs…

Blogging about my bipolar life (in the geographic sense) is my way of making sense of it all, plus an opportunity to promote my book Broke’n’English: Learning to live in Sri Lanka (available from Amazon ISBN 1974150208) and a place where I can continue the story. I hope it amuses you as much as it amuses me.


Mannar Harbour

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