Lost in translation

(the following is a Facebook post in December 2022 from something called Thattayagekolama Blogspot, translated from the original Sinhala, in which I suspect it was perfectly intelligible. Comment is superfluous.)

Teepee The Campsite – Hakbellawaka, Yatiyanthota

There are some questions that many of us ask. First of all what are you going to do? This is how it’s not a camp with adventure activities. So every activity is outside the camp. For an example if you are going to hike Hawariyangala, you should come to this camp and leave there. Kayaking is the same. Our boatyard is in Teepee One. Need to go there. But we carry all these places in our 4WD truck. They can all be done with us!

Then what can we do in the camp grounds if our camps are not there?

Yes you can listen to the sound of a beautiful float that will be remembered for a lifetime from the time you entered the campground until you come back. And that’s the possibility of soaking your body with cool clean water all day. The three four hundred metres border of our camp is surrounded by the beautiful water pond. And another little waterbaby surrounded by a really small doe on the other side. Most of the smaller fires around it are used extremely personally. That’s why privacy is at its highest.

And on an ordinary day this dola flows very innocently. That’s why even the youngest child can live alone! This is full of native fish. The campground is completely covered in a wild wheel. Though it is so watery we have provided clean tube water for sanitation work. That’s why we are all set up so that our sisters who come to our camp have no inconvenience. (Our ladies can’t do it when the camping is said! We’ve experienced every reason!)

The birds sound when you hear that attack all day. At night the wires are overtaking the sound of birds. So if it’s a drink tonight or a hot cup of coffee enjoying a BBQ and mixing with Miasia all the space is there! In the top necklace of our attic setting up our tents for sleep! In addition, the elevator to climb into that attic is designed to be able to scrap up. Al of this we are trying to get a comfortable sleep in a strange environment because we need to double mind the fact called “safety”. Isn’t that the truth?

So if you want to enjoy some extremely beautiful Hindustani Ragadhari music our Visharada Ananda Rajapaksha brother will also join us. But it will have to be postponed.

However those two days will be a beautiful one, here’s our heartfelt belief!

So it’s only Rs3,500/= to spend two days and one night with food in the morning, lunch and dinner. Really until the end of this December!

When you come to Yatiyanthota-Huckbella we will accept you from there. If you come in a vehicle you can put it on Teepee One. (It’s located near Hatton Colombo main road). Since then we have to go through a pretty tough and beautiful atmosphere! Our campsit will be found only after 3 kilometres like that.

So if you want to know anything else call [2 mobile numbers].

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