Ministry of Silly Works

Top Sri Lankan politicians of all stripes spend an enormous amount of time and energy reorganising ministries and appointing an ever-increasing body of ministers, despite election promises to clamp down on inefficiency and corruption. Far be it from me to suggest why this may be so, let alone to suggest analogies with deckchairs and the Titanic, but it is certainly part of my mission to point out the amusing consequences of these endless reorganisations. So at the last check – in December so it’s probably all changed again by now – we had the following bizarre combinations of ministerial responsibility to mull over:

  • Tourism Development, Christian Affairs and Wildlife
  • City Planning, Water Supply and Higher Education
  • Postal Services and Muslim Affairs
  • Telecommunications, Digital Infrastructure, Foreign Employment and Sports

Oh, and the Ministry of Plantations is a separate body from  the Ministry of Agriculture.

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